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I had my students trace stencils of hearts, tulips, and daisies onto colored papers. They used foil paper, gemstones, buttons and white paper doilies.

I scanned the images on an Epson printer.  I used light pink construction paper behind the doilies to create contrast. The colors of pink and red and a theme of love is a nice reprieve from winter!



japan_2 dolls copy

Had the students cut out paper dolls and use black marker and colored pencil to make face and hair. They created the kimonos by water coloring rice paper and them adding a design in colored pencil. Flowers were a popular background but I let them know they could do a pattern, animals, such as a dragon or a Japanese country scene. I scanned the dolls on white paper because it reminded me of the empty white spaces of Japanese prints of the 1800’s.

Vases made with newsprint, watercolors and paper collage. Children pasted the vases on red paper because the color red symbolizes good luck and joy in China. To make these vases into lanterns you add brown string at the top of vase. Inspired by the Lantern Festival, which marks the final day of the Chinese New Year celebration. It is the first full moon of their new year and symbolizes new beginnings. It falls in February or March.

By lighting lanterns people pray for a smooth future and best wishes for their families in the New Year. Happy New Year, we are in the Year of the Rooster!