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Inspired by the paintings of Matisse and other impressionists. I had students look at still lives of flowers, fruits, and birds. They created four thumbnail sketches and incorporated elements of these images or chose their favorite as a final drawing. We discussed borders echoing the colors and the imagery of the main picture. The students once again worked on their watercolor techniques- wet on wet, gradated washes, and kosher salt thrown in for good measure. Nice bright pops of color and happy images of birds, flowers, and fruit. Happy end of summer!

flowerwatercolor5                 flowerwatercolor10 copy

I had the students practice watercolor techniques: salt, saran wrap, alcohol drops, wet on wet and transparent washes. They did at least 7 circular color fields and stems. I asked them to vary their colors.

The following week they used a black sharpie to outline images and add details. The students ended up finding shapes within shapes and animated some of the images, almost like surrealism.

flowerwatercolor4 copy                flowerwatercolor11


I had my students trace stencils of hearts, tulips, and daisies onto colored papers. They used foil paper, gemstones, buttons and white paper doilies.

I scanned the images on an Epson printer.  I used light pink construction paper behind the doilies to create contrast. The colors of pink and red and a theme of love is a nice reprieve from winter!