Art Lessons for Children

Many young children enjoy making and creating mini-masterpieces. They are intuitive about the process and express themselves freely. Jenny will help your child experiment with all kinds of materials and create projects such as: monster masks, fairytale paper bag puppets, sock dolls with companion books, and watercolors of imaginary countries.  Jenny’s lessons are tailored to the individual, allowing students to explore their interests and turn their ideas into engaging and meaningful images. Jenny also has experience working with handicapped and autistic children.

Painting & Creating Birthday Parties

Jenny loves a party and will work with you to craft a special event based on themes such as ducks, princesses, pirates, cowboys, and more! Through her step-by-step instructions, your child and their friends will create special projects to make this birthday memorable. Jenny offers birthday parties at a flat rate, with materials included. Reserve your party today!

Reserve your time now! Jenny is happy to work with your schedule so that your child can explore and discover themes they are passionate about.