I came upon some old notebooks from my MAT Program (Master of Arts Teaching). Some of these ideas still strike a chord and are inspiring me 28 years later. I find myself still in love with collage, bright colors and texture. Here is a project based on color and collage and relief…playing around with homes.

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Here is a project on printmaking from clay dipped into ink and stamped on construction paper.


Here is rice paper printed with golden hearts stamped out of potato prints. I also did this potato print project my Junior year at RISD with Mr. Ponbriand in Opera Visual and Mixed Media Class. Rice paper is too expensive to work with in a public school but could be fun in a one-on-one class.

Note book Notes030

Here are a few cardboard prints, inked up with red and black ink of city scenes; one is on white paper and the other on newsprint. I like newsprint, but it has a short shelf life and starts to yellow quickly. As you can see, even the white paper ages and yellows too.

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Here are a couple of small collages with a little Reynolds Wrap; the tin foil is crunched up for texture, it looks expensive but it’s not. I would love to learn how to work with gold or silver leaf some day.

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Here is a papermaking sample from the MAT program. Papermaking is fun, but I never did it in the classroom. It’s a huge undertaking and really best with smaller groups.


Here is the cover of a Notebook from 1988 from classes on Children’s Books, Graphics and Computer Graphics. Technology has changed so much. I did not end up taking advanced classes in Computer Graphics, but after watching Mad Men, it looks like it could have been a fun industry.

Note book Notes028

Here are a couple of computer illustrations from 1988 from a class; it looks like Etch a Sketch, it’s so primitive!

Note book Notes054 

Note book Notes053

Here are a couple of images from a notebook I worked in while teaching in Faistenau bei Salzburg, Austria.  This was the only time in my life besides childhood where someone did my laundry and cooking, and cleaned my room. I stayed in a hotel room when I taught at an International School in Austria.

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A postcard from Faistenau:

umbra-postcardimg092 - Version 3

Preschool Images:

Note book Notes055  Note book Notes037Note book Notes046  Note book Notes039